Scanning Availability

The app we utilize to take our high quality 3D scans is only available on an iPhone 10 or later model (also 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation iPad Pro's).

Step 1: Create Scan

· In the Scandy app, press 'Create Scan,' using the screenside camera.

Why the screenside camera?

· Uses 'true-depth' technology. 

· Higher resolution than back camera.

· Enables 3D scans.

Step 2: Bottom of foot scans

· Get in a seated position and cross your leg.

· Flex your toes upwards (away from the bottom of your foot).

· Holding the iPhone/ iPad in one hand, press the center button 2x. Save the scan and choose the free option.

Step 3: Pay and scan opposite foot

· The first scan is free the rest from Scandy cost either $1 each (which will cost $3 total) or you can subscribe for a week for $2-3 depending on where you live in North America.

· DISCLAIMER: Hypersoles is not affliated with Scandy Pro and WE DO NOT profit from our customers using their product.

· We recommend Scandy Pro because they are the highest quality and most inexpensive scanning app currently available.

· After paying, complete your second bottom of foot scan on the opposite side (same method as used previously).

Step 4: Inside Arch Scan

· Step one foot in front of the other.

· Holding the iPhone/ iPad in one hand, press the center button 2x.

· Repeat the same process on the opposite foot.

Step 5: Exporting the scans

· At the main menu, tap the scan and this screen will appear where you can select 'Shared Zipped' to send the scan to Hypersoles.

Step 6: Email the scans to Hypersoles

Final Step