Our Story

Based in Calgary, Canada, we are a small business dedicated to revolutionizing the creation of custom ski insoles. We stand behind the quality of our products and, most importantly, we also ski in them all day!

The inspiration for Hypersoles came when both my father and I realized how dissatisfied we were with the price, quality, and process currently required to obtain custom ski footbeds.

Next came a eureka moment when we realized that the newest generations of smartphones had robust 3D scanning apps. Could we use this technology to solve our problem? After countless hours spent on design, testing and prototyping, the answer was a resounding “yes,” and led to the creation of Hypersoles as we know it.

The result: high-quality, convenient, custom ski insoles. For a reasonable price.

P.S. My dad and I are never going back, and we hope you aren’t either!