Insurance or Flex Spending Guarantee

Hypersoles provides two documents that are necessary when applying for coverage: a receipt and proof of manufacturing (examples shown below).

In most cases, you'll need these documents as well as a custom orthotics prescription and gait analysis from your family doctor or podiatrist when applying for coverage.

If you acquire and submit all these documents to your insurer, or work flex plan, and for whatever reason do not receive coverage for our custom orthotics, we will completely refund your purchase.

All you have to do is send the orthotics back to our company (we'll reimburse the shipping costs) and show us your denial of coverage letter.

Provided Documents


A receipt will be issued immediately after purchased.

Manufacturer's Report

Report includes information regarding date sold, type of custom orthotic, orthotic casting technique, and a description of materials used to manufacture the orthotic.

(Given shortly after purchase)