What is Hypersoles?

At Hypersoles, we’re all about comfort and customer satisfaction, which is why we’re proud to create quality custom orthotics, all from your front step. Hypersoles is an innovative new business that uses the latest in iPhone scanning technology to enable customers to order custom orthotics at home. No more long trips to medical offices for impressions, lengthy wait times or sky-high costs.

We believe that comfort should be accessible to everyone. Our orthotics feature a firm carbon fiber plated heel and are topped with perforated leather.

By cutting out the middleman, Hypersoles is able to deliver exceptional custom orthotics at an extreme discount to other custom orthotics on the market. Be a part of the future of custom orthotic care with Hypersoles!

How it Works

Customers within the Calgary area can book an appointment with Hypersoles, and on the time and date of your booking, one of our team members will promptly arrive at the specified location of your choosing. Once on location, our employee will then take multiple 3D scans of your feet, help you fill out a brief form, and within two weeks, your custom orthotics will be delivered to your doorstep. It's that easy.

Not in Calgary but still want our custom orthotics? Email us at scans@hypersolesorthotics.com and we'll help you get your own Hypersoles orthotics.

Step 1

A fully vaccinated and masked employee will arrive at the specified time and location of your appointment booking.

Step 2

In under fifteen minutes, the employee will take multiple 3D scans of your feet.

Step 3

Book Appointment